Shared Shuttle available from 07:00 to 19:00

Since 1978 Top Quality services at affordable prices!

Civitavecchia Cab Service offers private and shared shuttle car services to and from Civitavecchia cruise port, airports, train stations, hotels in Rome and all over Italy.
We provide also special services with english speaking knowledgeable drivers for city tours.

All our qualified drivers have the proper license for all services, they also have a special permit to pick up/drop off you directly beside the cruise line by Civitavecchia port.
Our Private and Shared Shuttle ride is considered the best service in Rome at reasonable price.

Ride Choices

Civitavecchia Cab Services offers a variety of options to meet your transportation needs. Ground transportation solutions for every travel need.
CCS is pioneered the concept of shared-ride shuttle in Rome in 1978. today as most popular, most affordable, and most eco-friendly option available!

Airport Shared Shuttle

Ride with others customers in the same direction.
Great for leisure travelers with extra time, or when traveling on a budget.


When you book shared ride with CCS, you will be grouped with other travelers headed in the same direction, within the same timeframe. Depending on time of day, and number of travelers, your shuttle may make a few stops along the way to pick up, fellow passengers.

Airport Private Transfer

Straight to your destination with no stops in between. Ideal for groups of any size, whether traveling solo, with a group, on a family vacation, or simply with lots of luggage.


CCS Private Ride service is direct, meaning your car will take you straight to your destination without stops in between. you will not share a ride with other travellers

Tour in a day

Take the tour of a lifetime on your vacation of a lifetime!
Whether you are looking for an incredible food and wine tasting experience, visiting ancient ruins, or explore enchanting towns in Italy, Civitavecchia Cab Service Rome Tours is the premier tour company in Rome that specializes in private day tours and shore excursions from Italy’s main cruise ports.

Shore Excursion from Civitavecchia Port to Rome:

Tour Example: Rome in a Day from Civitavecchia Harbour

we will drive you to the most historical city in the world, our tours are tailored made for every travel needs. with our Tours form you can choose the specific spot you don’t want to miss in Rome! Our work is to understand what you want to see and drive by or stop in specific place for give to you the best suggestive and experience tour in the eternal city.

EXAMPLE: Pick up beside your Cruise ship at 7:00am or 8:00am. After about 1 ½ hours (depending on traffic) you will reach your first stop, example visit St. Peter's Square rebuilt and redesigned thanks to Gian Lorenzo Bernini between 1656 and 1667. You can continue your visit to the second stop We will drive you to the Pantheon, We will continue our tour through Piazza Navona, built on the old stadium of Diocletian which was used for atlethic competitions. Today you can admire The Fountain of the Four Rivers, the Fountain of Neptune and the Church of St. Agnes in Agony on Navona's square.
stop you don’t want to miss is the Colosseum (Flavian Amphitheatre) you will travel along the Fori Imperiali to the Piazza Venezia where you can admire The Vittoriano (the weeding cake) and the balcony from which Benito Mussolini declared the world war II against France and Britain.
then Via del Corso we will take you to the Trevi Fountain, tof Nicola Salvi. The artist was responsible for the construction of the fountain in the eighteenth century after winning a competition organised by Pope Clement XII.
then we will guide you through the Spanish Steps where you can admire the famous Spanish Steps and the Fountain la barchetta by Pietro Bernini (Gian Lorenzo's father) and further on to Piazza del Popolo and its obelisk.
The tour will conclude at 15:30 / 16:00 when we will be going back to the port of Civitavecchia. You'll be ready to embark and continue your cruise at about 17:00.

Pick up beneath the ship: 7:00am/8:00 am
Arrival to Rome: 8:30am/9:30 am
Departure from Rome: 3:00pm/4:00pm (depending on the starting time)
Arrival to the Port: 4:00pm/5:00pm (depending on the starting time)

First time in Rome? Don't miss these stops!

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